Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ed Sarfo - Requirements to Become a Realtor

Realtors like Ed Sarfo know that it is a long road to make the transition from aspiring businessman, to licensed realtor. Ed began his career humbly, being born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. There he received a high school education from an American ministry school. At that school, his interest for business was peaked. Before he got into real estate however, he first studied chemistry in Germany. Eventually though, his true passion would lead him to America, and he would become a licensed realtor.

Becoming a realtor is something that requires a significant amount of dedication and determination. There are many different steps that need to be completed in the proper order. These requirements must be met before one is even allowed to take a licensing exam. That is why those interested in becoming a licensed realtor should expect to put in a significant time and financial investment.
Ed Sarfo and other realtors become licensed by going through rigorous education courses. In America, where Ed operates, every state requires a realtor to take pre-licensing courses. Though these requirements vary greatly depending on the state, none are simple. California requires three college-level courses.

Other states have an hourly requirement. Idaho for instance, requires two courses that add up to a total of 90 hours before one can become licensed. It is also important to note that different real estate agencies may have specific education requirements. So an aspiring broker should expect some additional educational courses even after he has been hired by an agency.

Successful realtors like Ed Sarfo did well in part because they had a strong start. An important aspect of becoming a real estate broker is to find the right firm. There are many agencies or offices available for a licensed realtor, but some are a better fit than others. Working with a broker is required in order to be a real estate agent, which is why a prospective agent should contact brokers before graduating from his training courses. Many brokers also include additional years of real estate training. That is why an aspiring real estate agent should contact many brokers before graduating to see which one he believes will give him the best chance to be successful. Some agents may be eager to get in the field, so they would choose a broker with less rigid training requirements. Other agents may value the training and benefit greatly from it, so they would choose a broker with a long and well-established training program.

Becoming a successful realtor like Ed Sarfo is something that takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Each decision an aspiring real estate agent makes will determine their success. That is why an agent should choose carefully the broker he works for, and the education he receives.

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