Thursday, 17 December 2015

Ed Sarfo - Ways to Stage Your Home for Cheap

Selling your home is a big decision and you want to get the most for it that you can. Ed Sarfo is a ten-year veteran real estate broker who offers clients tips on how they can get the biggest value for their home with some inexpensive tips. You can look into hiring a professional home stager but with an hourly cost of $50 to $150, you may want to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself.
  1. Depersonalize your house. This is the easiest and cheapest tip, and can have a big impact on how many buyers put in offers. By putting away all of the personal touches in your home like family photos, memorabilia, children’s drawings, etc. the buyer is able to picture their things in your house. Pictures are often a source of distraction and buyers will often stop and look at the people in them instead of focusing on the house’s features.
  2. Neutralize rooms. Giving the rooms in your house a fresh coat of a neutral paint will help attract buyers. Although you may love your daughter’s pink bedroom, many buyers don’t want a room fit for Barbie. This is a fairly low cost option, with the paint and necessary supplies only costing around $100 and could help to up your chances of an offer.
  3. Give it a purpose. Giving each room in your home a distinct purpose will help buyers understand all the possibilities the home has. If they don’t know what the space is “supposed” to be, they will see it as wasted space. Visit some model homes in your area to get ideas on how to rearrange furniture and make easy changes to do this.
Ed Sarfo has seen great results for clients that make easy and inexpensive changes in order to stage their homes. It often leads to more offers and can even result in a bidding war, driving the price of the house up.