Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ed Sarfo - Two Reasons Many Real Estate Agents Flame Out

Working as a real estate agent is more difficult than many people think. Some become real estate agents because they see easy money being made by others in the industry. In reality, successful real estate agents make money because of many hours spent coordinating open houses, setting up meetings, talking with clients, and working on closing their sales. Many times, even if the agent sells the property, the buyers or the sellers could back out with no notice, or some other technicality could get in the way. Even if everything goes right, many real estate agents don’t get their first commission until six months have passed. The most skilled real estate agents deal with these issues throughout their careers. When you’re first starting out as a real estate agent, here are two ways to fail:
  • You don’t have a plan. Real estate agents are a kind of small business owner. If you don’t start your business with a plan, you’ll be doomed to failure. Start with a plan for how you are going to succeed, and stick to it as you build relationships and networks. Coming from a strong plan will eliminate problems before they affect your bottom line.
  • You rely too much on technology. Staying in contact through social media, email, and phone is essential for a real estate agent, but don’t let your smart phone distract you from your meetings with clients and others.
Ed Sarfo has been a real estate principal broker in Lexington, Kentucky over 8 years, and has built his network out of trust and an excellent work ethic.

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